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30 Days of Authentic and Audacious Expression

If there’s one thing I know it’s that you can’t hide from the truth. 

Your truth is inside you, ready to be unleashed. So let it out… 

By realizing that the value of your voice is limitless you can unapologetically share your authentic self with the world, and transform your life and the lives of others.

Uncensored is a 30-day program that challenges you to truly and deeply confront yourself and break through the barriers that have kept your voice censored, so you can create deeper, more meaningful, and more authentic relationships in your life and business. 

As one of the most profound journey’s of self-discovery you’ll ever undertake, this program guides you in committing to show up online authentically and in building a personal brand that brings your tribe directly to your door. 

It’s time to step out of the shadows and express your powerful and audacious truth.

We’re all waiting to hear it…

Meet Your Coach

So who am I to be telling you how to be audaciously uncensored?

I’m Varian Brandon –Business coach, mindset mentor, gifted communicator, and creator of Uncensored – 30 days of Authentic & Audacious Expression. 

I’m outspoken and uncensored and I make no apologies for it.  It may seem like I don’t care what people think but that’s not true. I just don’t care enough to let it stop me from showing up and being me.

I want that for you, too.

Over the last ______, I’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs like you to not only release the mind blocks that keep them small but also to use that new-found confidence to speak out and become thought leaders in their industry.  

You see, I would hear so many excuses as to why women didn’t have time to show up online, didn’t know what to post, or didn’t want to offend anyone that I created a process that strips all of them away. 

Now, since I discovered this process I have uncovered more of myself than I ever thought possible. The more uncensored I become the more my truth helps others to find their voice and speak their truth.

Your words matter. Your message matters.

And I’m here to help you find your authentic voice and the courage and audacity to share it! 

Stop Conforming, Start Leading

Society affects us in ways we don’t want to admit . It embeds ideas and beliefs that you need to act a certain way, think a certain way, appease people in order to be polite. 

I have news for you… 

Being true to yourself is likely to offend some people. 

But that’s not your fault or your problem to fix. 

If you have ever wanted to show up more powerfully, boldly and consistently online then it’s time to stop conforming.

If you need to stop shrinking yourself and allow your voice to emerge more authentically then it’s time to listen to and resolve your inner truths.

If you want to gain more confidence in sharing your message then you need to share it more often. 

If you want to build the courage to speak your truth regardless of what anyone thinks or feels then it’s time to be the leader that’s inside of you.

And If you want to attract your tribe and build a strong personal brand and deep, meaningful connections then claim your power now by uncensoring yourself!

Real People. Real Voices. Real Results

Mary Tirrell

Holy moly!!! This 30 Day Challenge pushed so many buttons for me…

sharing truths I’ve kept hidden for years. And first I had to LOOK at them before I shared them…

feeling exhausted from the energy I used. And being filled back up by all of the comments and love.

looking at some of my failings and sharing them openly. And smiling at how supportive and protective some of you are.

seeing what I’m capable of. And knowing in my heart and soul that there is so much more.

I’m so grateful to Varian Brandon for offering this journey of self-exploration. It’s been rough at times, challenging at times. But FUN at alllll times.

The community of women I met here will stay with me always.  Watching some of them peek out of their shells and show their teeth and spread their wings… GLORIOUS! I am in awe of you all!

It is complete!!! Thirty days ago, I enrolled in a program that changed me. I accepted a challenge to show up more authentically and unsuppressed, and to post on social media three times a day…for thirty days. For the past thirty days, I have made over ninety posts! WHEW!

I have never shown up on social media or in the world, for that matter, the way that I have during this challenge. Today, I can honesty say that going through this experience has been both challenging and telling for me. This journey has taught me more about me as a person and as a leader. What I know for sure is this.

My voice has the power to transform the lives of others and the more authentically I show up, the greater their transformation. So, I have a responsibility to show up in the world and show all of me – the serious, comedic, creative, powerful me. And guess what? You’re gonna get more of it.

Tonight, I celebrate my completion of this experience and I celebrate the amazing community of powerful women who journeyed with me.

Thank you, Varian Brandon.

Kecia Robinson

Tutti Taygerly

OMG! The past 30 days of being a part of Uncensored has been quite interesting. There have been some moments of celebration and excitement and also some moments that have been rather challenging. It’s been a little scary, but proven to be very helpful.

Since becoming “Uncensored”, I have been able to tap into potential that was undiscovered and also to share some things that I might not have shared with an audience before. Speaking of audience, I have one, that I didn’t know was interested in hearing what I have to say. I’ve also shared things that haven’t been so perfect yet I still managed to engage people! 

Thanks for being a part of my 30 days of authentic and audacious expression! Varian, I cannot thank you enough for being YOU.

You are a force to be reckoned with in the BEST way and I love learning from you and being guided by you. I loved how hands-on you were and how you read and watched EVERY post and gave feedback.

So many of your prompts made me uncomfortable, stretched me and also made me realize quite a few things about myself personally and professionally. As for future posting … don’t you all worry, there’s more where that came from. I’m already making a plan!!!

This month has been a journey about increasing the depth of my connections with others.  Only by being fully myself can I really find out who my “people” are. 

I’m getting much more comfortable with not being everyone’s cup of tea. 

My hope is even if you don’t like me, you at least can respect me.

I’ve grown and stretched across these 30 days.  I’ve talked about things that made me uncomfortable and vulnerable. Now it’s about moving forward and continuing to poke at those places where I find myself not wanting to go. 

I will continue to share and hope you will too.  Because the more uncensored I become the more I’m able to help others use their voices to speak their truth.

Jennifer Seidelman

Shameca Tankerson

The past 30 days I’ve been doing a thing…

It’s called Uncensored with Varian Brandon

And baby when I tell you I have been stretched and at times felt COMPLETELY exposed.

AND it was good and necessary.

I want to share a note I sent Varian a few nights ago that explains how this experience has transformed me.

I was sitting here thinking about all that I’ve released and shed this month. The grieving of my old self. Yes there was/is grieving.

There is a version of me that has been dying to emerge and In many ways it contradicts who I’ve been.

I have been in battle with this identity shift. This month allowed me to recognize that and begin to surrender.

I’m grateful.

Every journey starts with a single step so they say.  Mine started with 30.

For 10yrs I have turned my back to social media.  The primary reason is because I had one perspective of it and that did not resonate with me.  It did not add value to my world and I did not envision myself adding value to it’s world. 

But then I started to get clear on who I am and what I kind of impact I am looking to have on people and I changed my perspective. 

I started to see social media as a powerful platform to communicate, to show more of myself, relate, connect, share – things that I traditionally have not done a good job of in my life. And while I pride myself on being self motivated, one of the virtues that I hold in a higher regard is commitment. 

I know this about myself so I made a commitment 30 days ago to be a part of a program hosted by the Goddess-like-being Varian Brandon. She is as powerful and gentle of a human as they make.  AND she is damn good at championing you to speak YOU into the world in whatever way, form, sound or taste it needs to be for it to be true.  Below is my message to her asking for the details because there was just something in me that knew it was time.

And I was right because what I experienced was profound. 

Not because I’ve posted 89times (more than I have in 10years) but because the depth of freedom and enjoyment I now have by sharing myself is so unexpected and appreciated.  And the engagement has been incredible.  It just reinforced that when you share yourself with more people, your people will find you. 

Something I wish everyone would remember and that I hope I never forget.

Jennifer Seidelman

Join us!

Where your personal truth is your most valuable asset and audacity is the currency of choice.

The power of your voice can transform your lie and business through authentic and audacious expression

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