How to Become Unoffendable

Untether yourself from the approval and opinions of others so you can accelerate forward progress in your life and business.

Have you ever been offended?
Well if you are a human being, of course you have.

Whenever we engage with other people and they do things we do not like or think they should not do, we have the opportunity to be offended.

You will notice that I said we have the "opportunity" to be offended, because contrary to popular belief, offense can be avoided.

It is possible to be unoffendable.

It is possible to live a life where we don't need other people to change their behavior in order for us to be happy or at peace.


Because offense is a choice...and the same way you choose to be offended, you can choose not to be offended.

It's a skill.

I will be teaching you this in a

2-hour virtual workshopon Monday, July 31, 2017 at 8pm EST.

In this workshop you will learn...

  • How to establish and maintain boundaries that protect you from offense.
  • How to distinguish the difference between an emotion & a state and how this plays into you being unoffendable.
  • The inquiry tool that immediately allows you to return the perceived offense back to the sender
  • The four "nothings" you always need to remember in order to resist being offended.
  • Why having thick/tough skin is not the same as being unoffendable
  • How releasing this ONE thing dramatically increases you ability to not be offended

and so much more...

  • If you are tired of wasting time and energy being offended,
  • If you are ready to stop letting the opinions and actions of others keep you from moving forward,
  • If you are ready to take the power of how you interact and engage with others, back into your own hands,

then you want to be sure to join me for this dynamic workshop on Monday July 31, 2017 at 8pm EST